What Does Off Grid Mean to You?

What Does Off Grid Mean.jpg

Some folks prefer a narrow definition - no electricity from power lines. Having lived with solar power for nearly five years (and the battery technology required for such systems), I find that definition a little empty. To me, off grid means something much deeper, and it's as much about imagination and creativity as photo voltaic panels and romex.

How can we as modern humans live within society, yet not be blown away by it? How do we maintain a rich connection to our inner lives? The world has become so complicated, and real. Can we still find joy and creativity on an isolated dirt road? Can we do it in the shopping mall? And what about our kids? I want my daughter to be able to drop in anywhere at any given time. I want her to find the gold in a shredded piece of plastic, a field of wild raspberries, or a thickly calloused hand. To me, that is the essence of "off grid" - the ability to look at something, anything, for what it is, and not for what everyone says it is.

What does off grid mean to you?