Rule #1

Rule #1.jpg

Whether it's playing with your children, going outside for a walk, or telling a story, always remember Rule #1 - do it because you want to. If you seek to connect with your child, DON'T do it by forcing yourself to play dolls or build sandcastles that you don't want to build. Find a way to make it fun for you. And if eating healthy is important, buying green or eating organic - make sure that's what you want and not just something you've guilted yourself into for the kids. This is my number one rule. If I don't like the game, or the activity, I don't do it. The kids always have the freedom to do it on their own. But if they want me to be a part of it - then I have to enjoy it. The authenticity that comes from this far outweighs the rare occasions when we disagree. This will sometimes take time to find the activity, or style of activity, that suits the two (or more) of you, but it's worth every effort. Even a two year old knows when you're feeding them bull****. Give them the real thing. You.