What Diapers?


Are you hip to the diaperless method? Also known as elimination communication (or EC for short)? Most earthy parents consider all kinds of diapering options - compostable, washable, classic cotton, and yes - disposable. Us too. But since we lived on the side of a mountain in the middle of nowhere, we took the risk and went naked. I'm not saying my daughter never wore a diaper, especially if we went to town, but mostly she didn't and by and large it was very successful. We even did it in the winter.

By setting a rhythm and routine, my daughter was able to pee and poop at predictable intervals eight times out of ten around one year of age. And when she did have an accident, she knew it because she could feel it. We took to carrying an extra pair of pants around instead of diapers. She didn't have a bulky weird thing attached to her hips and crotch while learning to walk. And without any prompting whatsoever she potty-trained herself before the age of two. I cannot recall even one time since that she had an accident.

Successful parents are annoying as sh**, so I don't blame you if you're rolling your eyes right now. And all children and parents are different. But if you or a friend are considering diapering methods, search online for elimination communication. It's worth trying. And guess how much it costs? Nothing.