“The most effective way to connect our children to nature is to connect ourselves to nature.”

- Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods

A Father’s Life is a romp through the wilderness of childhood through the eyes of an eccentric but devoted father and teacher. Written during the first year of the Earth Children, an experimental forest kindergarten in Northern New Mexico, the stories are about wild encounters with plants, animals, and the unkempt forests of a child’s imagination. They are also about home, the relationship between father and daughter, and the simple emotional struggles of day to day life.

Names and details in A Father’s Life have been changed for privacy, but the stories are true. They will leave you laughing, surprised, and occasionally uncomfortable. It is a gritty, often beautiful and ever joyous glimpse into a rugged life with kids in Northern New Mexico, one of the few stretches of wilderness left on the planet.

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The stories in A Father’s Life are true, but some names have been changed for privacy. Here are some of the main characters:

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Praise From Readers


“I can’t stop loving these stories. a joyous ride for anyone who was once a child and isn’t anymore.”

“Joe has a natural and authentic way with children. He is himself, and he invites kids to be the same.”

“You may be one of the most magical, captivating writers I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I look forward to these stories like you can't imagine."

"How rich, exciting, and needed. Thank you."

“Magnificent exploration and writing. Breaks the sky in half.”

“So much fun!”


About the author

Joseph Sarosy is a single father and teacher in Northern New Mexico. Since 2016, he has shared stories like those in A Father’s Life on his blog www.offgridkids.org. He has written for fatherly.com and kosmosjournal.org.

In 2016, Joe partnered with Silke Markowski, a Waldorf kindergarten teacher with over thirty years of experience. In 1995, Silke co-founded the Taos Waldorf School, then left in 2016 to form an independent forest kindergarten. For two years, Joe was her assistant. It was during that time that these stories were written. In 2018, Joe formed a loosely collaborative 1st grade with the intention of forming a multi-age group of children he plans to teach through the 8th grade. They are now in their second year of formation.

On any given day, you can find Joe, Silke and their students feasting on education in the forests and canyons of New Mexico - rain, snow or shine. That is, if you can find them.

In his free time, Joe also supports small, local efforts to lift dads up everywhere. The #Greatdad Campaign is an effort to make visible all the wonderful dads in the world today. We want to share your story. Learn more.