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New Book Released

What happens when we give our time and undivided attention as fathers, not just our resources? It changes us as men.

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If you're not familiar with, they've totally cornered the modern dad market, reaching over 2.5 million dads (and moms) across the country. I don't agree with everything they're printing, but they blow away the competition. Why? Because they make fatherhood look like what it is - modern, sensitive, badass and fun.

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April 4, 2019

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Joseph Sarosy lives in Northern New Mexico, where he teaches first grade without a school building. He has written for,, and is widely respected in Taos as a dedicated and fun-loving father. In 2018, he initiated the #greatdad campaign to celebrate great dads across the country. His partner, Silke Markowski, a Waldorf kindergarten teacher with over 30 years of experience, co-founded the Taos Waldorf School in 1995, then left in 2016 to form Taos Earth Children, an independent forest kindergarten. Joe and Silke collaborate daily.

Some people think outdoor education is about having fun and being in nature. In this video, Joe explains why it may be the most rigorous education for the brain (and mind) that we can give our children.


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